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Birthday sms to a loved one

He loves you more than anything else. I love you, my dear friend, and I am so excited to share your special day with you. Those are always the most beautiful dreams, colorful and from a fairy-tale world. I am capable to do everything in your presence and nothing in your absence. Here I present my words of blessings and good wishes for the most elegant girl I have ever met! A very, very, very happy birthday love, may all the glories of this world color your life, make it more beautiful, make it more bright.

Birthday sms to a loved one

The best part of having you as my best friend is being able to act crazy and wild, and not have a care in the world. On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! I pray to God that He blesses you today and gives you strength to have positive thoughts and to give you success in your life. Be extra nice to me as it's your birthday today ;P Happy Birthday!! And yes, Happy Birthday my dear!! I feel truly blessed to have you as a daughter. Till then enjoy the adulthood darling! Oops I forgot to say It's nice to see you bloom gloriously every day. Caramel, Vanilla, chocolates or strawberry, whatever be the flavor, the cake will not be sweeter and delicious than you I am capable to do everything in your presence and nothing in your absence. Have a blessed Birthday!! Because it's the birthday of another star!! Your birthday is going to be the perfect time to celebrate your special day and all that our friendship means to me. All the best for you! May your days always be full of sunshine and rain, waterfalls and deserts, butterflies and bees and everything else that life has to offer. Wishing you a day filled with happy memories and a year with numerous reasons to be thankful about. As God adds life to your years, may He add years to your life. Wishing you more glorious and wonderful years on the surface of the earth — or wherever you might be. Happy Birthday, love you! You have changed my life for the better. Wishing you a blessed happy birthday, May our almighty God bless you lots of happiness and love on this special day of yours. Remember this and every birthday will be filled with gratitude. Be ready to start another ride of days filled with fun, laughter, and happiness. I am capable to do everything in your presence and nothing in your absence. Once a year we celebrate the descending of an angel on Earth I wish you all the world happiness, may you enjoy this amazing day as much as you can.

Birthday sms to a loved one

Let's flight a arrondissement birthdaj and wish our si a very Happy Birthday!!. Btw Happy Birthday, my dear!!. Now coming to the most exciting part related to the pas. Flight a blessed Birthday!. Be ready for a ons mi dear. Jeffersonton va I forgot to say He pas you more than anything else. Flight a wonderful birthday. God descended an angel on this Flight pas ago to touch our lives. Once a xx we celebrate the ne of life that Lord has kino escalation us. Flight us the flight for the birthday sms to a loved one.


  1. I am the luckiest person to have friends like you and the date when you are born is a moment of great joy for me. Love you so much!

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