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From informational text to literature and poetry, the possibilities are endless! The book also includes a lesson plan and activity for students. I had lots of questions for Rebecca, and she was kind enough to provide answers. Children of all ages can access stories and information through video content. I do my best to collect as many versions of each story as I can find — usually through books, but often via the internet — and then I use these source texts as inspiration for what eventually becomes the Circle Round adaptation. So, for instance, a male hero might become a female heroine e. Visit her site ClassTechTips.

Craigslist farmington casual

With dozens of episodes, you can jump in right away and listen to them in any order. I especially enjoy the way this tale helps people young and old think twice before judging a book by its cover. Music teachers could have students listen to the podcast. This kind of content delivery is especially helpful when it comes to taking in and absorbing new knowledge. Strengthen listening skills with students of all ages by effectively introducing multimedia use. Perhaps the teacher could even let the students try their hand at playing it — provided they have that instrument on hand! Where are you going to record: We also include a photograph. High-interest media can grab the attention of students, provide background knowledge, extend thinking, and reinforce content. Here is an excerpt from Taming the Wild Text: She asked if Eric and I would produce a pilot episode. Or a caring mother might become a loving dad e. You can hear it in every line of dialogue — some of which he ad-libbed as we were recording! A podcast episode can also connect students to an instant read aloud full of sound effects and captivating narration. So, for instance, a male hero might become a female heroine e. Children of all ages can access stories and information through video content. This time the star is Richard Kind. In a classroom setting, a teacher could choose an episode and find several versions of that particular story again, in books or on the internet. We invite them to share their story, scene, picture, etc. Download this poster with more favorites. Ready for more reading resources? Will the podcast be interview-based? There are lots of reasons to incorporate this type of media into your classroom. What podcast or podcasts do you listen to regularly? Richard put every ounce of body and soul into capturing and embodying this character.

Craigslist farmington casual

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  1. In that feature, we describe what the instrument is like and why we chose it for this folktale.

  2. Students can read through those versions first. Reading the source material first, then listen to the episode.

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