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Demsel in distress

Footage attributions Music below this section: Yes, Shield Knight technically fits the Damsel in Distress trope. The ending, however, is where most of the discussion is taking place. In video games this is most often accomplished via kidnapping but it can also take the form of petrification or demon possession for example. Whether Sir Graham is on a quest to destroy a witch and find treasures so he can replace the dying king.

Demsel in distress

But she was wise. Footage attributions Music below this section: Please don't mix the information of both of this categories into each other to keep our wiki organized. Now, Richter Belmont is handled very well here. The Damsel in Distress trope, or Dude in Distress for that matter, could easily be used in this setting because it feels much more natural, and not forced, contrived, or otherwise used as an Excuse Plot. House of the Dead 1 In House of the Dead 1, a girlfriend draws the heroes to the mansion, and proceeds to be useless despite being a fellow agent and the only survivor of her group. You might not care about Eri Anzai herself, but the context pushes her into a greater role. This is the perfect example of how the gameplay really has to backup the narrative in order for it to have its full, intended impact and not feel like a cheap Damsel in Distress trope, despite the character elements we just discussed arguing against such a cheap use. If these dream sequences occurred after every level, they would lose some of their effect and importance. But then begins the teamwork. I bet that Cuphead example never even crossed your mind. Zelda knew the risks. That light faded on the day Shovel Knight lost his partner and love when a cursed amulet sealed her away inside the Tower of Fate. Zelda knew this so she decided to split her Triforce into 8 pieces and scatter it across her kingdom. The information on this page allows to get all the details of everytime the damsels got distressed, and this pages get categorized with information like bondage position, kind of gag, medium, and kind of peril. The princess is in distress because of you. Professor Eri Anzai is kidnapped because of her vast knowledge on the lost continent of Mu. Well it would have been, except the game never got released. Four years later, Richter disappears, and a year later again, he summons Castlevania in an attempt to resurrect Dracula. There are also many more coming down the road: Now this is how to get someone interested in a damsel. Double Dragon series Technically Double Dragon, since after Marian is rescued in the first game, she dies in the beginning of the second. One could argue that the focus should have been on the Baker family, and fixing the plot. Mystery of the Emblem. This will all help to organize and allow everyone to find new distress moments that may appeal to you.

Demsel in distress

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  1. In either case, Zelda plays a pivotal role in Spirit Tracks through the gameplay itself, up until the very end when Zelda and Link work together as a final hurrah. One could argue that no plot is better than a crappy plot.

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