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Evolution is a four-part comic book mini-series. The second novel based on Mass Effect, the plot centres around protagonist Paul Grayson, a member of Cerberus, who is in charge of raising a biotic girl named Gillian. The story, which revolves around Liara T'Soni, is set in the interim period between the prologue and main storyline of Mass Effect 2, and is related to the downloadable content "Lair of the Shadow Broker" that was released for the game. The novel was published by Titan Books. It is set some two months after the ending events of the first game.


Nexus Uprising , by Jason M. Each figure features game-accurate accessories and can be found in game and hobby shops and various online retailers. It is set 35 years before the plot of the games and tells the story of the discovery of the ancient Prothean ruins of Mars. Board games[ edit ] Risk: This is the second novel in the Mass Effect: Revelation , by Drew Karpyshyn: The film follows the story of two N7 Soldiers, Meer and Hale, who are hunting down Defoe, a smuggler whose cargo is of great interest to a lot of parties. The first novel based on Mass Effect, the plot is centred around then-Lieutenant David Anderson and tells the story of how he came to know Saren as well as the beginning of his relationship with Kahlee Sanders. Each issue focuses on a main character from the Mass Effect series. Ascension , by Drew Karpyshyn: Released in September available through a digital distribution promotion exclusively at participating retailers. Pick Your Path is an unofficial, popular interactive fiction novel written by Mike Kayatta that runs parallel to the events of Mass Effect 2. Discovery is a comic book series 4 issues written by Jeremy Barlow released in Each issue focuses on Andromeda Initiative from Mass Effect series. The former book showcases the design sketches and concept art which was created for the original Mass Effect game, while the latter includes art, sketches and paintings for the entire trilogy, including several pieces originally published in the first book. The second novel based on Mass Effect, the plot centres around protagonist Paul Grayson, a member of Cerberus, who is in charge of raising a biotic girl named Gillian. Conviction is a free short 10 page single issue mini-comic written by Mac Walters. It features a story that runs parallel to the game trilogy and is designed to expand the universe as a whole. Initiation by N. The fourth Mass Effect novel, it centres on Gillian Grayson. O Entertainment will produce an anime film adaptation based on the series. Invasion is a comic book series 4 issues released between October and January The story focuses on the origin of the Illusive Man and is set during the First Contact War, shortly after the discovery of the Mass Relays. The figures tied to Mass Effect 3 include bonus downloadable content, which is exclusive and different for each character. Retribution , by Drew Karpyshyn: Novels[ edit ] Mass Effect: Deception , by William C.


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  1. Response to the novel has been largely negative due to inconsistencies with lore and characterization, prompting fans to petition BioWare to disregard the novel as canon.

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