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Nonlinear refractive index n2 of the LiNaP has been calculated as 6. From the inset fig. Each carboxylate is hydrogen bonded to a carboxylic group of the neighbouring anion and a hydrogen molecule. Jessica Donohue, jdonohue tnc. The maximum and minimum transmission factors were 0.


The ionized Carboxylic group connected in the same network by the lithium atoms of O 18 -Li 3 and O 12 -Li 3 possessing the bond lengths of 2. In general, Phthalate complexes are being widely investigated for their promising electronic and optoelectronic applications []. The alkali metal ion vibration is indicated at cm—1. This may be a one of the predominant factor for the lowering of symmetry of the phthalic acid molecule on the incorporation of the alkali metals of Li and Na into the crystal lattice of phthalic acid. Crystal Structure Data The crystal structural refinement details are provided in Table 1. Non-hydrogen atoms were refined with anisotropic displacement parameters. The final refinement R factor was 0. The alkali ions are linked to each other by H….. Third order nonlinear optical measurements of NaAP crystal has also been studied using Figure 1. Nonlinear refractive index n2 of the LiNaP has been calculated as 6. Third order nonliner optical studies have also studied by Z-scan techniques. The C-C-O stretching vibrations are indicated by the peak at cm—1. Seasonal weather patterns, particularly during the summer months, exacerbate the effects of nutrient loading, causing hypoxia in the Sound. Phthalate samples of sodium and potassium are promising third-order NLO materials for applications in optical devices. The crystal structure is composed of potassium, sodium cations and hydrogen phthalate molecules of crystallization. The third order nonlinear measurement using Z-scan techniques reveal the negative nonlinear self defocusing property of the sample is due to thermal effect. Jessica Donohue, jdonohue tnc. The molecules lie on a centrosymmetric plane. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested to reduce nitrogen by upgrading wastewater treatment plants that discharge nitrogen into local waterbodies, and as of , New York and Connecticut nitrogen loads were below the Waste Load Allocations permitted by the plan, known as a Total Maximum Daily Load TMDL. Nonlinear absorption and nonlinear refractive index were found out and the third order bulk susceptibility of compound was also estimated. A list of eligible counties, priority geographic areas within those counties and first year funding allocations is available here. The three dimensional X-ray crystal structure solution of LiKP crystal showed that the torsional angles connecting the donor and acceptor atoms seem to have conjugated chains with coplanar planes. Thermal measurements were carried out for LiNaP to determine the thermal strength as well as to ascertain the hydrated nature of the crystal. All of these compounds are stabilized by extensive networks of hydrogen bonds. The solution was strongly stirred continuously for 24 hours and subsequently heated for a homogenous mixing.


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