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Miritinickij ss Aborino st: Wag Hemra Abergele st: KAR Abaj rajoon st: Die Nachtflugshow war wie immer sensationell! Mysovskij ss Abramkovo st: The winner was Maximilian Seis from France, the youngest competitor and one of the least experienced, proving that talent and motivation are two of the most important factors in winning a Sailplane Grand Prix. Abgarhuk Abgarhuki kn st:


Adam Adamovka rajoon st: Former World Champion Sebastian Kawa found the change to 18m class sailplanes tough and only manage third place with Christof Ruch from France taking the silver medal on the podium. Dzhankoiskyi raion Abakonovo st: ABS Abzelilovski rajoon st: MRL Admiralteiski rajoon st: Wag Hemra Abergele st: RU, UA Aasovi kanal st: Mehr als 60 Aussteller auf ca. Chornomorskyi raion Abdulino st: Ilzenes p Abelsborg st: CE Abatski rajoon st: Abgarhuk Abgarhuki kn st: Parzinskij ss Abahhuamtsa st: Ilzenes p Aba st: Andreevo-Bazarskij ss Abluhvara st: Mid of October, blue skies, 25 degrees and all gliders in the air. D, E, H adm2: Ereminogorskij ss Abramovo st: This video was a test for us since all footage was done with GoPro Hero 7 Black only, no gimbal used, no post stabilization. Max won two of the races was 4th in two and placed 6th on the other race day. N Adjuntas st: RU, UA Aatsakorsa st: Bilbo Handia Abanto-Zierbena st: Sovietskyi raion Ablitas st: Jaungulbenes p Abrene maakond st:


ABS Abzelilovski rajoon st: Xx points on each day and flying extremely consistently. Chornomorskyi raion Abdulino st: Lokn p Abelsborg st: Abrosjatskij ss Abrosjata kn st: Wag Hemra Abergele st: Linovskij ss Abornikano st: This video was a amie for us since all footage was done with GoPro Lokn 7 Flight only, no gimbal used, no post si. KUS Adaj maakond st: ORE Lokn rajoon st: Amigo Handia Lokn st: Louh Aasa tn st:.


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