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The non-compete is designed, we believe, to protect only the company. Many have expressed concern for a long time about how good a job insurance regulators do in policing the activities of insurance companies and in truly listening to the complaints of consumers. Remember, they hired McKinsey!! Agents have been sympathizing with insureds for quite some time when the company decided to replace only the damaged parts of siding or roofs on their hail damaged homes. Here's one sentence from the article that might peak your interest: Also interesting is the fact that the overall claims satisfaction score tumbled for the first time in 5 years. Nothing, if you're a fan of legalized bait-and-switch schemes. If you haven't been watching these comments by the independents regarding the controversial McKinsey Report, McKinsey Report you are not keeping up with what's going on in the insurance world. Read how both sides argue to defend their positions.


With the windfall received by the Company from terminating huge numbers of agents because of their lack of production, it's no wonder AmFam can report a 'strong' ! We do not see our clients just once a year to file Tax Returns, we continue to interact with them to make sure they understand their responsibilities and prospects. This idea seems to be in direct contrast to the philosophy of the McKinsey group. EBRI found that people who have a retirement plan tend to retire closer to when they expected, compared with those without a plan. Claims alleging retaliation against an employee for involvement in a complaint reached a record high in fiscal year Remember, they hired McKinsey!! Enlarge the chart on this page and see how rates in your state have increased. AmFam uses McKinsey as a consultant. How often in the past have we heard that? It tells how judges rated each state insurance department on various topics. Mckinsey or Deep Customer Connections? Mutual insurance companies are supposed to be responsible to their policyholders, but are they really? You might be interested to know that American Family ranked 11th in claims satisfaction ranking among the top 20 companies listed here. What customers expect may surprise you. It is entirely possible that the AmFam agents who found themselves terminated before they'd planned or agents who were forced to resign have added to these statistics. Why is this happening? We're told AmFam has been run well this past year…. The Insurance Journal has summarized this for you, but the original memo can be found at http: Many have reported to this office that corruption rampantly abounds within the company. Here's one sentence from the article that might peak your interest: His clients include businesses with operations in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, distribution, professional services, and real estate development. Zurich really seems to be making the news lately. We can probably assume it won't be long till Google is offering this price comparison program in the rest of the states. As our readers know, the question of whether AmFam agents are independent contractors or employees is a hot issue right now. It doesn't make the AmFam agent's job easier when we read that the company we sell for ranks 15 in homeowner customer claim satisfaction. Our focus is on building long-term client relationships and as such we pay attention to the little details that clients value most. The ruling states that insurers must match colors even if that means replacing undamaged siding and shingles.


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  1. It has been reported that AmFam agents have received on or about January 9, , an email asking them to participate in an anonymous survey with subject matter being, "The Current Culture and Practices related to Ethics and Compliance. Mutual insurance companies are supposed to be responsible to their policyholders, but are they really?

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