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Pillow tribbing

Know that this is going to happen and do not worry about it. Personally I feel lucky to have found pillow humping and will probably always be hundreds of orgasms ahead of my friends! I think humping my pillow feels more pleasurable than sex itself. I thought it was a problem. I am still enjoying my own private moments of masturbation. I thought I was a pervert and dirty even though I really like the feeling of orgasm. It is just human nature and totally irrational.

Pillow tribbing

When I got to college, I realized that I am masturbating. How often should I wash the pillows and how much masturbating is the max? I stop just before I reach orgasm,then I continue a little slower and speed up. No, you are not a freak. I only figured out what dry humping was when my boyfriend started doing it on me, and I was researching what he was doing to me?! Just ask your partner to lift his torso while your on top and think about it, train your mind and body to do it. I will usually do it times a day.. I do it to!!! Many girls and woman hump their pillows but will never admit to it or talk about it. It feels so good that I do it every day. I thought I was the only one to do it! I have always imagined that that is what it would feel like to be with a women. I thought I was so weird! I have a vibrating dildo and my boyfriend eats me out and is very good at sex. I have always done it and still do!! I have been doing it ever since I can remember and I am now, I was more than a little concerned while pregnant that if I kept masturbating on my stomach, I might harm our baby. I did not think that I got an orgasm from it. I never told anyone because I thought I was a freak. If somebody finds out and tell other people, they are not your friend. I was however kind of scared once when my tummy contracted and my heart beats louder for 30 seconds after I orgasm but after that I went to sleep without any problems. I am not a virgin and I can never manage to orgasm with my boyfriend. Does anybody knows if its safe, to masturbate when pregnant? Is it strange to slow down and start again because I think I get a better orgasm when I do it? I use a bunched up blanket.

Pillow tribbing

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