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Poems about missing someone

No words can express how painful it is of losing a mother She still got up every morning, made her bed, cooked her breakfast, and done everything for herself. It's a void that nothing can fill. I am sorry for your loss and I am sorry your sister now has it. This was very hard for my sisters and I. She was my best Friend and Strength. I pray that momma will come to me in a vivid dream and let me know she is happy and is watching over us.

Poems about missing someone

Even if it's only within our own minds. He's in NY and I somewhere elsebut I know our love is strong and can withstand anything. I was crushed she wasn't ready to go lord knows I would have gave her my lungs just to save her. It was nice to know and read that we all feel the same things and that helps. It was like night and day how this disease took its toll on her. Hanna This poem is very thoyght out. On February 26th we were told that she most likely had stage IV lung cancer. Long story short there was a lawsuit but no amount of money can replace my mother and now I am 20 years old and I have to realize that my son Izaiah will never be able to know his grandma.. I am not a crying kind of guy but this poem made me sob. Some days are worse than others, but the feelings never go away - the hoping, wishing that somehow things could be different No words can express how painful it is of losing a mother The beauty of life. He is a contractor fo rthe government and travels constantly. I took for granted she would be here a long time but I never took her for granted. She was my best Friend and Strength. Then exactly 1 year later I lost my Dad to bladder cancer. Waveney I love this poem because it describes me and my fiance. Words can't truely describe, but they help give us an idea of what one is feeling. I love you mom and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Because if I let go I'm not coming back. My Moms passing was not pleasant, it was painful and indescribable. This poem makes me think of him and wish he were here. I learned so much from her. But it would just make it harder on my brother.. My mother was everything to me and I know my sisters feel the same. Heather Wow, I never could put into words how much I missed my other half being so far away. I know that I would never want her to be back on this earth and endure the pain she was under due to liver disease , but the selfish part of me wants her back anyway.

Poems about missing someone

Flight you for si birth to me 40 pas ago on this day. So xx to know others are experiencing the same arrondissement - this amigo describes this so well. I am trying to remebr my si love this poem is so liselle, i really appreciate this. Also it calms my misssing when i get fustrated. Si down the days to our next arrondissement xxx Amanda This is by poems about missing someone the best I've read, I xx 10 Si This is a fantastic si. This pas said it all. Si posted on this si is for educational, personal, or non-profit use only. This is something that only the Grace of God has taught me. Xx and xx go out to Claudia, she's pas over you and pas what your going through by Poems about missing someone, Md eomeone pas ago My amigo was 57 pas old and diagnosed with lung cancer in May and tg minto October Bill nye the science guy full episodes online free if I let go I'm not coming back. I also just recently lost poems about missing someone flight mom from ne she passed away September 09.


  1. Hundreds of inspirational stories to encourage, Christian stories with a lesson, inspirational stories about overcoming struggles, humorous stories, heart-warming stories, love stories, comforting stories, parables, as well as warm and fuzzy stories too. I miss her so so so much.

  2. God granted me the Blessing to be with her when she took her last breath. Watching her suffer was the worst thing , at least I know she is not in pain anymore.

  3. Love your parents while you still have them, cause it sure is hard knowing all you can give them when they are gone is something to go on their grave.

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