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Tantric sex for dummies

Then join your lips in a soft, gentle kiss. Guide your consciousness to travel up and down your spine — between your heart and your genitals, and notice all the sensations in your body. Make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible with soft sheets and a number of pillows. However, in the beginning you should only explore this point to get pleasure from it. Softly touch their skin with flowers, fabrics, feathers, ice, hot wax, fingertips. Thus, through the tantric practice, one may get to experience the pure, archetypal love of Shiva and Shakti, or in other words the union of the masculine and feminine principles, a love that is also the foundation of creation.

Tantric sex for dummies

Consequently, love is the foundation of each sexual tantric practice and it is love that grows in intensity and becomes more refined. The male partner sits down cross legged, while the female sits down on top of his legs facing him clothed or naked. Practicing Tantric sex can enhance your relationship and your sexual pleasure in several ways. Scent is really important to our sensuality , so try natural oils like jasmine, ylang-ylang, or rose. As you exhale, consciously attempt to energize the breath. This is not the time for a discussion but for sharing. If you succeed in experiencing the involuntary contractions of the PC muscle and not ejaculating, you are on the right path to becoming a multiple orgasm man. To open your hearts even deeper and create more connection and intimacy, use the following phrases and fill in the blanks: Surveys indicate that the average sexual encounter lasts an astonishing 7 minutes; and that is from nudge,nudge,wink to snore. So imagine and mentally direct it up along the spine, like it was being pushed up by the contractions of the perineum. Therefore, you should stimulate the whole body of the penis, from base to head. Have your lover turn over, and repeat on the front of their body — awakening their skin with soft touch, then massaging their non-erogenous zones first before proceeding to their chest, nipples, inner thighs and genitals. When you feel close to ejaculation, stop and rest. In time, begin slow intercourse. A graduate of the Australian School of Tantra and a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, she loves to share the knowledge and the practical tools of Tantra. Start at non-erogenous zones back, neck, head, hands, legs, feet , then slowly excite their sexual energy, touching their bottom, inner thighs and genitals. Start by lubricating your penis very well. Set aside at least two hours to truly celebrate your relationship. Here is another experience of a man practicing sexual continence: Once this interval passes, you made it! Therefore, in the absence of love, this feeling of sacred disappears. After several peaks of the non-ejaculatory orgasm type, you should stop. In fact, the problem is too much ejaculation, as this exhausts the vital reserves of any man, whether it happens through intercourse or self-stimulation. Same with Tantric sex versus a quickie. Try to perceive the sexual energy circulating through your body, perceived as tingling, slight itching or stinging, but pleasant nonetheless.

Tantric sex for dummies

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  1. But remember, the purpose is to become enlightened, not to win an Olympic medal for carnal gymnastics.

  2. The degree of awareness and manifestation of this complementary aspect differs from person to person.

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