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To also let people use the entire facility to practice what they learned and make whatever they desire! We cannot lose those abilities; otherwise we risk becoming too dependent on others. Purchase computers dedicated to these printers. Well done for the FAB gig week we have just had at Vocademy! Continue facility upgrades classrooms, air lines, etc. Using tools has been a part of our history, our evolution as a species. Metal shop, wood shop, ceramics, sewing, auto shop…look at your local schools and you will see that they rarely exist anymore. Where could someone go to get the hands-on skills to create or learn to make what they wanted?


I wanted a place where anyone can go, any time of day. Last week, I signed a lease to our new 15, sq. Vocademy will be a melting pot of many talents and skills. They would share their limited resources and expertise and just make things. The full video is a whopping 14 minutes long! People started getting together in tiny garages and homes. Feel free to email me ellis vocademy. A typical strange title and video for the song, but who would expect anything less from the meat dress wearing songstress? Even those who do choose higher education are missing out on the joys and creativity necessary in making things with their hands. However, in most businesses or school workshops, access is limited to a few select people. Buy raw materials to build our own work tables. It got me thinking about how I could be part of a solution to this dilemma that faces young and old, male or female, student or not. Continue to purchase more of the most popular equipment. For the past few years, we have been holding classes in our tiny 1, square foot shop. But these groups were very small and not well known. Once you enroll and successfully complete the Safety Course, you may come to Vocademy and use those skills and tools! It's up to you which classes you take and when. Today Vocademy is now coming to reality and once again, people will be able to express themselves with their hands. We are convinced, that to meet the needs of our current students, while providing space for those yet to come, we must have the correct size facility and resources! Another integral part of the Vocademy process was when I worked at a local university as the lab and shop manager for a mechanical engineering department. Envision a building full of instructors, mentors, equipment, supplies, tools, and most importantly, you! Purchase three state-of-the-art 3D printers. Continue facility upgrades classrooms, air lines, etc. There is a lot to do and I am expecting our grand opening to be October 6th. To be capable human beings, we need to know how to use our minds AND our hands.


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  1. If something broke, I figured out how to fix it. It got me thinking about how I could be part of a solution to this dilemma that faces young and old, male or female, student or not.

  2. Our vision to provide a place where people can learn and practice important hands-on skills has not wavered. Vocademy seeks to capitalize upon this by offering its members the equipment, facilities, and techniques necessary to design, learn and build whatever is desired.

  3. Open our doors for business and start signing up additional members! It's up to you which classes you take and when.

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